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Words Ending in Q

Last Updated on June 29, 2019 

Lists of words that end with the letter Q recognized by The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.

Scrabble words ending in Q

  • Suq – Variant of souk; a marketplace in Arab cities.
  • Talaq – A method of divorce in Islamic law.
  • Tranq – Short for tranquilizer.
  • Tsaddiq/tzaddiq – A Hebrew term for a spiritual leader.
  • Umiaq – A boat made of stretched animal skins by Inuits.

List of words ending in Q not playable in Scrabble but we find them interesting anyways!

  • Unq – The abbreviation for unnilquadium.
  • .mq – Used in internet addresses to stand for Martinique.
  • GHQ – General headquarters.
  • CQ – Letters at the beginning of radio transmissions that are intended for all receivers.

Famous people and places ending in Q

  • Inupiaq – A group of Eskimos; also the name for their language.
  • Mi’kmaq – A variation on Micmac, a group of Native Americans residing primarily in Canadian provinces.
  • Zia ul-Haq – A Pakistani president from 1978 until 1988.
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