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Words Ending In RE: Block Your Opponent In Scrabble

Last Updated on June 29, 2019 
words ending in RE

Like most games, winning at Scrabble comes down to strategy. Part of that strategy is knowing which words will give you the most bang for your buck—and words that end in "RE" are some of the best. Here's the list:

List of scoring words that end with RE

While there are many words that end with "RE," some are more incredible than others. For example, the word "fire" conjures up images of heat and light, while the word "quagmire" means a situation from which it is very difficult to extricate oneself." Here are a few other words that end with "RE":

10 Letter words

Here is a list of 10-letter words that end in "RE."

Actinomere Aeciospore Aerosphere Alongshore Androphore
Anemochore Anthophore Antinature Apiculture Archespore
Arthromere Atmosphere Attainture Aviculture Avvogadore
Azygospore Barycentre Barysphere Basaltware Battledore
Bellamoure Blastomere Blastopore Cacciatore Calliature
Capillaire Caricature Carpophore Carpospore Centilitre
Centimetre Centromere Cheesewire Chromomere Circummure
Colorature Commeasure Commissure Commixture Compacture
Composture Compradore Conjecture Contexture Corsetiere
Courseware Couturiere Craquelure Crispature Ctenophore
Debonnaire Debouchure Deinothere Demeasnure Dextrogyre
Dinnerware Disclosure Disfeature Dumbledore Eightscore
Embouchure Enamelware Encincture Encoignure Engendrure
Entreasure Escritoire Everywhere Expressure Extincture
Ferroniere Forfeiture Fourragere Foursquare Garmenture
Glucophore Granophyre Headsquare Healthcare Hectolitre
Hectometre Hectostere Hemisphere Heretofore Hollowware
Hydrochore Hyperaware Hypocentre Impressure Infosphere
Ionosphere Jardiniere Jasperware Judicature Kerseymere
Lacklustre Lavalliere Leptospire Literature Lophophore
Lusterware Lustreware Macrospore Maculature Mesosphere
Metacentre Microfibre Micrometre Microspore Millilitre
Millimetre Minaudiere Misfeature Mismeasure Misventure
Naviculare Necessaire Nethermore Nourriture Nunciature
Odoriphore Orthophyre Otherwhere Outmeasure Overinsure
Overmature Paradoxure Pericentre Phonophore Photophore
Praemunire Prefecture Prefixture Premeasure Prerequire
Projecture Pycnospore Quadrature Reexposure Refracture
Reioyndure Rejoindure Reliquaire Remontoire Repertoire
Rhabdomere Rhizophore Roquelaure Secretaire Silverware
Smoothbore Spirophore Spongeware Sporophore Stavesacre
Subcalibre Subculture Subseizure Superstore Supporture
Teliospore Tetraspore Threadbare Threescore Tubulature
Uintathere Underscore Untreasure Uredospore Usurpature
Vapourware Vivandiere Whiggamore Willowware Woodenware

9 Letter Words

Check out the list of 9-letter words that end in RE. Hopefully, this will help you stay ahead of your opponents and score big points!

Acrospire Adipocere Admeasure Admixture Adventure
Aerophore Affixture Aftercare Agateware Angashore
Antiglare Ascospore Autoflare Autospore Auxospore
Backshore Baignoire Bandalore Bangalore Belamoure
Belvedere Biosphere Bloatware Bookstore Brassiere
Brassware Broodmare Brushfire Cafetiere Calenture
Canephore Cannelure Caponiere Capsomere Carnivore
Cassimere Ceasefire Chaussure Chevelure Childcare
Chinaware Chokebore Climature Cochleare Coculture
Cofeature Comfiture Commodore Composure Concentre
Configure Confiture Connature Coverture Creamware
Crenature Crossfire Curvature Cuspidore Daycentre
Debenture Debonaire Decalitre Decametre Decastere
Decilitre Decimetre Decistere Decocture Defeature
Deflexure Dekalitre Dekametre Delftware Departure
Depasture Depicture Desoeuvre Dictature Dinothere
Disattire Disfigure Disimmure Dislustre Disposure
Divesture Doucepere Dromedare Drugstore Dulcimore
Eachwhere Ecosphere Ecritoire Eldercare Elsewhere
Embrasure Embrazure Enclosure Endospore Engendure
Enrapture Epicentre Esclandre Etrangere Everwhere
Exclosure Exosphere Exposture Extempore Faithcure
Fieldfare Fioriture Flatshare Foliature Foreshore
Foreswore Fourscore Frugivore Furniture Garniture
Geosphere Glassware Gonophore Grandsire Granivore
Groupware Gynophore Hackamore Heartsore Hellebore
Herbivore Holloware Hydrosere Hyperpure Immixture
Imposture Inclosure Indenture Inflexure Insincere
Interfere Intermure Involucre Ionophore Jobcentre
Kilolitre Kilometre Lakeshore Lavaliere Lehrjahre
Licensure Longshore Luminaire Macromere Madrepore
Manoeuvre Manticore Mariniere Massymore Mattamore
Megalitre Megaspore Megastore Megathere Meiospore
Melaphyre Metalware Micromere Micropore Microwire
Millepore Mindshare Miniature Misoclere Nanometre
Nathemore Nearshore Nervature Nevermore Nightfire
Nightmare Ninescore Nonmature Nonsecure Noosphere
Nouriture Nullipore Numeraire Ordinaire Outfigure
Outlustre Overscore Overstare Overswore Palampore
Palempore Paperware Persevere Phonopore Phosphore
Picometre Piscivore Plicature Plowshare Pourboire
Preassure Prefigure Prelature Premature Procedure
Prompture Provedore Queercore Reacquire Recapture
Reexplore Reinspire Remeasure Remixture Rencontre
Repasture Reseizure Retexture Retrofire Ricercare
Saltpetre Sarcomere Scripture Scrutoire Sculpture
Semaphore Sepulchre Sepulture Serrature Shareware
Shellfire Signature Simulacre Solitaire Somewhere
Sophomore Steelware Stevedore Stiffware Stoneware
Striature Stricture Structure Subentire Subtenure
Tablature Tableware Terramare Tessiture Therefore
Tightwire Torchiere Tourtiere Transpire Treenware
Trialware Ultrapure Ultrarare Underbore Underfire
Underwire Unprepare Vaporware Vestiture Wherefore

8 Letter Words

There are a surprisingly large number of 8-letter words that end in RE. Here is a list of some of the most common ones:

Abampere Accoutre Albacore Albicore Annexure
Antimere Anywhere Aperture Aplustre Arcature
Armature Aventure Backfire Bakeware Balefire
Barbwire Bayadere Biophore Bleuatre Booklore
Brochure Bushfire Cadastre Campfire Camphire
Canaigre Caneware Cashmere Casimere Casimire
Ceinture Cemitare Centiare Cheshire Cincture
Ciselure Claymore Clayware Coadmire Cocksure
Coendure Coiffure Coinhere Coinsure Compadre
Confrere Conspire Cookware Cornacre Corocore
Creature Cubature Cynosure Decentre Denature
Derriere Diaspore Discoure Dishware Disinure
Doublure Drawbore Drumfire Dungmere Ectomere
Eglatere Enacture Encastre Encolure Ensphere
Epispore Evermore Exospore Exposure Filature
Firmware Fixature Flatware Folklore Footsore
Forswore Fracture Freeware Geniture Giftware
Gonopore Goodsire Grimoire Gudesire Halicore
Halosere Hangfire Hardcore Hardware Hardwire
Hellfire Homeware Humiture Immature Incentre
Incisure Insecure Insphere Ironware Isochore
Isothere Jobshare Jointure Juncture Levogyre
Libraire Lifecare Ligature Lincture Liveware
Liveyere Manicure Massacre Matadore Medicare
Mediocre Mesomere Metamere Meuniere Milliare
Miserere Mismetre Moisture Needfire Newswire
Nonglare Ochidore Offshore Omnivore Oosphere
Ossature Outglare Outscore Outsnore Outstare
Outsware Outswore Ouvriere Ovenware Overbore
Overcure Overdare Oversure Overtire Overture
Overwore Painture Parterre Pedicure Perspire
Pinafore Pleasure Podomere Poechore Polypore
Portfire Portiere Postfire Potshare Premiere
Prescore Pressure Prestore Puncture Quagmire
Reassure Recentre Redshare Redshire Refigure
Reinjure Reinsure Renature Reposure Resecure
Roundure Sagamore Samphire Sapphire Sautoire
Schliere Scissure Scrimure Seashore Sinecure
Sixscore Skincare Slipware Softcore Software
Solidare Spitfire Stemware Subgenre Surefire
Sycamore Sycomore Symitare Tainture Telomere
Tincture Toleware Torchere Tournure Transire
Treasure Treeware Tressure Tripwire Trouvere
Tubulure Umbriere Unretire Unsphere Verquere
Verquire Wagmoire Wildfire Wiseacre Woodlore
Wordlore Workfare Xerosere Zoochore Zoospore

7 Letter Words

Read all the 7-letter words ending in RE. This will enhance your vocabulary in no time

Abature Acquire Affaire Affeare Airfare
Anymore Armoire Arriere Asthore Austere
Aventre Avodire Baccare Backare Bagarre
Bandore Barware Bedsore Berbere Bergere
Bewhore Bizarre Bonfire Bordure Bravure
Brisure Calibre Capture Carfare Cariere
Caviare Censure Centare Chambre Chancre
Chimere Chondre Closure Cloture Coenure
Commere Compare Compere Conacre Conjure
Coupure Couture Culture Dasyure Daycare
Daymare Deciare Declare Denture Deplore
Dioptre Discure Eelfare Empaire Empayre
Enquire Ensnare Epicure Epimere Erasure
Esquire Etagere Explore Eyesore Facture
Fahlore Failure Fanfare Feature Fissure
Fixture Flexure Forbare Forbore Forlore
Foxfire Frisure Friture Funebre Garbure
Gesture Gougere Gravure Gruyere Guipure
Gunfire Gyplure Hachure Haltere Haywire
Hectare Hektare Houhere Implore Inquere
Inquire Inshore Insnare Inspire Isobare
Isomere Jaghire Laetare Leasure Lecture
Leisure Macabre Malware Maulgre Measure
Misfare Misfire Mixture Moidore Monture
Morsure Multure Nervure Noncore Nowhere
Nurture Obscure Onshore Oospore Outdare
Outdure Outfire Outhire Outhyre Outwore
Pandore Parture Pasture Perdure Perjure
Philtre Piastre Picture Pismire Plectre
Plexure Polacre Posture Pouldre Precure
Prefire Prepare Prewire Prisere Procure
Protore Pulture Purpure Rampire Rapture
Recoure Redware Requere Require Rescore
Respire Restore Rimfire Riviere Rondure
Rosiere Rupture Saltire Sampire Scalare
Sceptre Seasure Seaware Seisure Seizure
Seysure Signore Simarre Sincere Soilure
Spectre Sphaere Spheare Spyware Stature
Subsere Suspire Tabrere Taraire Tartare
Teaware Tempore Texture Theatre Tinware
Tonsure Torture Tussore Umbrere Unaware
Unmitre Unswore Upstare Uromere Vampire
Venture Verdure Vesture Voiture Vulture
Wafture Warfare Wayfare Welfare Wetware

6 Letter Words

Looking for 6-letter words for your scrabble match? Keep reading!

Abjure Acture Adhere Adjure Admire
Adware Aglare Allure Ampere Armure
Ashore Aspire Assure Astare Attire
Avoure Before Bemire Beurre Beware
Bistre Breare Cendre Centre Cesure
Chevre Chigre Chirre Chypre Cohere
Colure Conure Curare Dartre Decare
Dekare Demure Desire Devore Diedre
Dreare Effere Emigre Empare Empire
Encore Endure Enfire Engore Ensure
Entire Euchre Expire Feutre Fiacre
Figure Fixure Foutre Furore Future
Galere Galore Gaufre Glaire Gloire
Goitre Hombre Ignore Immure Impure
Infare Infere Inhere Injure Insure
Intire Jacare Kotare Lettre Ligure
Louvre Lustre Maigre Malgre Manure
Mature Maugre Meagre Misere Montre
Nature Obdure Objure Oeuvre Oneyre
Ordure Parore Parure Pheere Poudre
Puture Quaere Quatre Rasure Razure
Rebore Recure Refire Rehire Repure
Retire Retore Revere Rewire Rewore
Rustre Satire Scarre Sclere Secure
Sempre Severe Sombre Sparre Sperre
Sphere Splore Square Squire Stayre
Steare Stirre Stoure Stowre Suture
Tendre Tenure Timbre Tofore Tuyere
Twyere Ulnare Umpire Unbare Unbore
Unpure Unsure Unware Unwire Upbore
Uptore Velure Venire Ventre Wheare

5 Letter Words

Here is the list of 5-letter words ending in "RE" to make a better stand against your opponent in your next scrabble or words with friends match

Abore Adore Afire Afore Alure
Antre Arere Aware Aygre Azure
Barre Beare Blare Blore Brere
Cabre Cadre Chare Chere Chore
Coure Crare Crore Darre Deare
Deere Drere Eagre Emure Enure
Fayre Feare Fibre Fiere Flare
Frere Frore Garre Geare Genre
Glare Heare Howre Inure Jirre
Kiore Kurre Leare Litre Livre
Loure Lucre Maare Madre Maire
Meare Metre Mitre Moire Murre
Nacre Narre Nitre Ochre Ombre
Outre Padre Paire Peare Petre
Phare Powre Prore Quare Quire
Sabre Scare Score Seare Serre
Share Shere Shire Shore Skyre
Smore Snare Snore Soare Spare
Spire Spore Spyre Stare Stere
Stire Store Sture Styre Sucre
Sware Swire Swore Tarre There
Titre Twire Umbre Urare Usure
Vaire Warre Whare Where Whore

4 Letter Words

There are many 4-letter words that end in RE. Some of these words are:

Acre Ayre Bare Bere Bore
Byre Care Cere Cire Core
Cure Dare Dere Dire Dore
Dure Eyre Fare Fere Fire
Fore Gare Gere Gore Gyre
Hare Here Hire Hore Iure
Jure Kore Lare Lere Lire
Lore Lure Lyre Mare Mere
Mire More Mure Nare Ogre
Owre Pare Pere Pore Pure
Pyre Rare Rore Sere Sire
Sore Sure Tare Tire Tore
Tyre Vare Vire Ware Were
Wire Wore Yare Yore

3 Letter Words

Here, we've got plenty of 3-letter words for you to choose from.

  • Are
  • Ere
  • Ire
  • Ore
  • Ure
  • Pre

How do you pronounce words ending in RE?

There are several ways to pronounce words that end in RE. For example, words that end in -dre, like "Andre" or "sabre," are typically pronounced with a soft "d" sound, as in "ahndra" or "sahbra." However, words that end in -tre, like "metre" or "regret," are usually pronounced with a hard "t" sound, as in "mehtra" or "rehgreht." Additionally, words that end in -aire, like "aire" or "oire," can be pronounced either with a hard or soft "i" sound, depending on the region. In general, words that end in RE can be tricky to pronounce, so it's always best to consult a dictionary before you say them out loud.

How to play words that end with RE in scrabble

Words that end with the letters RE can be tricky to play in Scrabble, but there are a few strategies you can use to increase your chances of success. First, try to think of words that end with RE that are high-scoring words; this will give you a better chance of getting more points for your play. Second, try to use words that end with RE in a strategic way, such as placing them on double or triple letter squares. Finally, remember that words that end with RE are often worth more points than other words, so it's always worth trying to play them if you can. With a little practice, you'll be able to master the art of playing words that end with RE in Scrabble.

Best ways to score big in scrabble with RE words

There are a few words that always seem to give players an extra boost in Scrabble. These words are known as "high-value" words, and they can help you rack up big points quickly. One group of high-value words are those that end in the letters "RE." While there aren't as many of these words as there are words that end in "S," for example, they can be just as valuable. Here are a few tips for scoring big with words that end in "RE."

First, try to play words that end in "RARE." This will not only get you double the points for the word itself, but it will also give you an extra 50 points for using all seven of your tiles. Second, focus on words that have a high point value per letter. Words like "QUIET" and "SQUARE" may not be the longest words on the board, but they pack a lot of punch. Finally, try to play off of other words that are already on the board. For example, if there is a word ending in "ERE," you could play "CAR" or "BAR" off of it to form the word "CARERE" or "BARERE." By using these strategies, you'll be able to score big with words that end in "RE"!

Practice makes difference - Start playing today!

Whether you're a seasoned scrabble player or just getting started, a list of words that end in RE can give you a big advantage. That's because words that end in RE are worth an extra point. So, if you can play words like FIRE or WIRE, you can really rack up the points. But how can you make sure you always have words that end in RE at your disposal? The answer is simple: practice. By playing with your friends on a regular basis, you'll become more familiar with the words that end in RE and be better able to use them to your advantage. So what are you waiting for? Grab some friends and start playing today!

Final Words

If you want to up your Scrabble game, start paying attention to words that end in "re." These words not only score big points—but they also make it difficult for your opponents to play their own words. With a little practice, you'll be a Scrabble champion in no time!

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