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Words Starting With IN: List of Words for Scrabble

Last Updated on June 28, 2019 
Words Starting With IN

Are you looking for words starting with IN to challenge your opponents in Scrabble? Look no further! This list includes both common and rare words that are perfect for the game. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, you'll find something new to add to your vocabulary. So get ready to outsmart your opponents and score big points!

List of words starting with IN

9 letter words with IN

There are many 9-letter words that start with the letters "IN". Here are just a few examples:

Inamorato Inaneness Inanimate Inanities Inanition
Inaptness Inarching Inaudible Inaudibly Inaugural
Inbounded Inbreathe Inbreeder Inbrought Inburning
Incanting Incapable Incapably Incarnate Incaution
Incensers Incensing Incensors Incensory Incenters
Incenting Incentive Incentres Incepting Inception
Inceptive Inceptors Incertain Incessant Inchasing
Inchoated Inchoates Inchworms Incidence Incidents
Incipient Incisions Incisural Incisures Incitable
Incitants Incivisms Inclasped Inclement Incliners
Inclining Inclipped Inclosers Inclosing Inclosure
Including Inclusion Inclusive Incognita Incognito
Incomings Incommode Incompact Incondite Inconnues
Incorpsed Incorpses Incorrect Incorrupt Increased
Increaser Increases Incremate Increment Incretion
Incretory Incrossed Incrosses Incrusted Incubated
Incubates Incubator Incubuses Inculcate Inculpate
Incumbent Incumbers Incunable Incurable Incurably
Incurious Incurrent Incurring Incursion Incursive
Incurvate Incurving Incurvity Indagated Indagates
Indagator Indamines Indarting Indecency Indecorum
Indelible Indelibly Indemnify Indemnity Indenters
Indenting Indention Indentors Indenture Indexable
Indexical Indexings Indexless Indicants Indicated
Indicates Indicator Indiciums Indictees Indicters
Indicting Indiction Indictors Indigence Indigency
Indigenes Indigents Indigests Indignant Indignify
Indignity Indigoids Indigotic Indigotin Indinavir
Indirubin Indispose Individua Indocible Indolence
Indolency Indorsees Indorsers Indorsing Indorsors
Indraught Indubious Inducible Inductees Inductile
Inducting Induction Inductive Inductors Indulgent
Indulgers Indulging Indulines Indumenta Indurated
Indurates Indusiate Induviate Indweller Inearthed
Inebriant Inebriate Inebriety Inebrious Ineffable
Ineffably Inelastic Inelegant Ineptness Inequable
Inerrable Inerrably Inerrancy Inertness Inerudite
Inessives Inexactly Inexperts Infalling Infamised
Infamises Infamized Infamizes Infancies Infantile
Infantine Infarcted Infatuate Infectant Infecters
Infecting Infection Infective Infectors Infefting
Infeoffed Inferable Inferably Inference Inferible
Inferiors Inferrers Inferring Infertile Infestant
Infesters Infesting Infidelic Infielder Infighter
Infilling Infinites Infirmary Infirmest Infirming
Infirmity Infixions Inflamers Inflaming Inflaters
Inflating Inflation Inflative Inflators Inflected
Inflector Inflexion Inflexure Inflicted Inflicter
Inflictor Inflowing Influence Influents Influenza
Influxion Infobahns Infolders Infolding Infomania
Inforcing Informant Informers Informing Infortune
Infracted Infractor Infrareds Infringed Infringer
Infringes Infuriate Infuscate Infusible Infusions
Infusoria Ingathers Ingenious Ingeniums Ingenuity
Ingenuous Ingesting Ingestion Ingestive Ingleneuk
Inglenook Inglobing Ingluvial Ingluvies Ingrafted
Ingrained Ingrately Ingresses Ingrooved Ingrooves
Ingrossed Ingrosses Ingrowing Ingrowths Ingulfing
Ingulphed Inhabited Inhabiter Inhabitor Inhalants
Inhalator Inharmony Inhaulers Inhausted Inhearsed
Inhearses Inhercing Inherence Inherency Inherited
Inheritor Inhesions Inhibited Inhibiter Inhibitor
Inholders Inholding Inhooping Inhumanly Inhumated
Inhumates Initialed Initialer Initially Initiated
Initiates Initiator Injectant Injecting Injection
Injective Injectors Injellied Injellies Injointed
Injuncted Injurable Injurious Injustice Inkholder
Inkstands Inkstones Inlanders Inlayings Inletting
Inlocking Inmeshing Inmigrant Innermost Innerness
Innersole Innervate Innerving Innerwear Innkeeper
Innocence Innocency Innocents Innocuity Innocuous
Innovated Innovates Innovator Innoxious Innuendos
Inoculant Inoculate Inoculums Inodorous Inopinate
Inorganic Inositols Inotropic Inpatient Inpayment
Inpouring Inputters Inputting Inquering Inquieted
Inquietly Inquiline Inquinate Inquirers Inquiries
Inquiring Inquorate Inrushing Insatiate Insatiety
Inscience Insconced Insconces Inscribed Inscriber
Inscribes Inscrolls Insculped Inseaming Insectary
Insectean Insectile Insection Inseeming Inselberg
Insensate Inserters Inserting Insertion Insetters
Insetting Inshallah Insheathe Insheaths Inshelled
Inshelter Inshipped Inshrined Inshrines Insidious
Insignias Insincere Insinewed Insinuate Insipidly
Insipient Insistent Insisters Insisting Insnarers
Insnaring Insolated Insolates Insolence Insolents
Insoluble Insolubly Insolvent Insomniac Insomnias
Insouling Inspanned Inspected Inspector Insphered
Inspheres Inspirers Inspiring Inspirits Installed
Installer Instanced Instances Instanter Instantly
Instarred Instating Instigate Instilled Instiller
Instincts Institute Instrokes Instructs Insulants
Insularly Insulated Insulates Insulator Insulsity
Insultant Insulters Insulting Insurable Insurance
Insurants Insurgent Inswathed Inswathes Inswinger
Intaglios Intarsias Integrals Integrand Integrant
Integrate Integrity Intellect Intenable Intendant
Intendeds Intenders Intending Intenible Intensate
Intensely Intensest Intensify Intension Intensity

8 letter words that start with IN

The list of 8-letter words that start with the letters “IN” is extensive. Some examples are:

Inarches Inarming Inasmuch Inaurate Inbeings
Inboards Inbounds Inbreaks Inbreeds Inbrings
Inbursts Incaging Incanted Incasing Incaving
Inceding Incensed Incenser Incenses Incensor
Incented Incenter Incentre Incepted Inceptor
Inchased Inchases Inchmeal Inchoate Inchpins
Inchworm Incident Incipits Incising Incision
Incisive Incisors Incisory Incisure Incitant
Inciters Inciting Incivism Inclasps Inclined
Incliner Inclines Inclosed Incloser Incloses
Included Includes Incomers Incoming Inconnue
Inconnus Incorpse Increase Increate Incrusts
Incubate Incubous Incudate Incumber Incurred
Incurved Incurves Incusing Indagate Indamine
Indamins Indarted Indebted Indecent Indented
Indenter Indentor Indevout Indewing Indexers
Indexing Indicans Indicant Indicate Indicial
Indicias Indicium Indicted Indictee Indicter
Indictor Indigene Indigens Indigent Indigest
Indignly Indigoes Indigoid Indirect Inditers
Inditing Indocile Indolent Indorsed Indorsee
Indorser Indorses Indorsor Indowing Indoxyls
Indrafts Indrench Indrises Inducers Induciae
Inducing Inducted Inductee Inductor Indulged
Indulger Indulges Induline Indulins Indurate
Indusial Indusium Industry Induviae Induvial
Indwells Inearths Inedible Inedibly Inedited
Ineptest Inequity Inermous Inerrant Inertest
Inertiae Inertial Inertias Inessive Inexpert
Infamies Infaming Infamise Infamize Infamous
Infantas Infantes Infantry Infarcts Infaunae
Infaunal Infaunas Infected Infecter Infector
Infecund Infefted Infeoffs Inferiae Inferior
Infernal Infernos Inferred Inferrer Infested
Infester Inficete Infidels Infields Infights
Infilled Infimums Infinite Infinity Infirmed
Infirmer Infirmly Infixing Infixion Inflamed
Inflamer Inflames Inflated Inflater Inflates
Inflator Inflatus Inflects Inflexed Inflicts
Inflight Influent Influxes Infobahn Infolded
Infolder Inforced Inforces Informal Informed
Informer Infought Infracts Infrared Infringe
Infrugal Infusers Infusing Infusion Infusive
Infusory Ingather Ingeners Ingenium Ingenues
Ingested Inglobed Inglobes Ingoings Ingoting
Ingrafts Ingrains Ingrates Ingroove Inground
Ingroups Ingrowth Inguinal Ingulfed Ingulphs
Inhabits Inhalant Inhalers Inhaling Inhauler
Inhausts Inhearse Inherced Inherces Inherent
Inhering Inherits Inhesion Inhibins Inhibits
Inholder Inhooped Inhumane Inhumate Inhumers
Inhuming Inimical Iniquity Inisling Initials
Initiate Injected Injector Injoints Injuncts
Injurers Injuries Injuring Inkberry Inkblots
Inkhorns Inkiness Inklings Inkspots Inkstand
Inkstone Inkwells Inkwoods Inlacing Inlander
Inlayers Inlaying Inlocked Inmeshed Inmeshes
Innately Innative Innerved Innerves Innocent
Innovate Innuendo Innyards Inoculum Inorbing
Inornate Inosines Inosites Inositol Inpoured
Inputted Inputter Inqilabs Inquered Inqueres
Inquests Inquiets Inquired Inquirer Inquires
Inrushes Insanely Insanest Insanies Insanity
Inscapes Inscient Insconce Inscribe Inscroll
Insculps Insculpt Inseamed Insectan Insecure
Inseemed Inserted Inserter Insetted Insetter
Insheath Inshells Inshrine Insiders Insights
Insignia Insinews Insisted Insister Insnared
Insnarer Insnares Insolate Insolent Insomnia
Insomuch Insouled Inspects Insphere Inspired
Inspirer Inspires Inspirit Instable Installs
Instance Instancy Instants Instated Instates
Instills Instinct Instress Instroke Instruct
Insucken Insulant Insulars Insulate Insulins
Insulted Insulter Insurant Insureds Insurers
Insuring Inswathe Inswings Intactly Intaglio
Intarsia Integers Integral Intended Intender
Intenser Intently Interact Interage Interbed
Intercom Intercut Interess Interest Interims
Interior Interlap Interlay Intermat Intermit
Intermix Internal Interned Internee Internes
Internet Interred Interrex Interrow Intersex
Intertie Interval Interwar Inthrall Inthrals
Inthrone Intifada Intimacy Intimate Intimism
Intimist Intimity Intitled Intitles Intitule
Intombed Intonaco Intonate Intoners Intoning
Intorted Intradas Intraday Intrados Intranet
Intrants Intreats Intrench Intrepid Intrigue
Intrince Introits Intromit Introrse Intruded
Intruder Intrudes Intrusts Intubate Intuited
Inturned Intwined Intwines Intwists Inukshuk
Inulases Inundant Inundate Inurbane Inurning
Inustion Invaders Invading Invalids Invasion
Invasive Inveagle Invecked Invected Inveighs
Inveigle Invented Inventer Inventor Inverity
Inversed Inverses Inverted Inverter Invertin
Invertor Invested Investor Inviable Inviably
Invirile Inviscid Invitees Inviters Inviting
Invocate Invoiced Invoices Invokers Invoking
Involute Involved Involver Involves Inwalled
Inwardly Inweaved Inweaves Inwicked Inworked

7 letter words starting with IN

The letter 'in' is one of the most commonly used letters in English. There are over 1000+ different words that start with it and here we have compiled some 7-letter words for you!

Inaptly Inarmed Inbeing Inboard Inbound
Inbreds Inbreed Inbuilt Inburst Incaged
Incages Incants Incased Incases Incense
Incents Incepts Incests Inchers Inching
Incipit Incisal Incised Incises Incisor
Incited Inciter Incites Incivil Inclasp
Incline Inclips Inclose Include Incomer
Incomes Inconnu Incross Incrust Incubus
Incudal Incudes Incurve Incused Incuses
Indabas Indamin Indenes Indents Indexed
Indexer Indexes Indican Indices Indicia
Indicts Indigen Indigos Indited Inditer
Indites Indiums Indoles Indoors Indorse
Indowed Indoxyl Indraft Indrawn Induced
Inducer Induces Inducts Induing Indulge
Indulin Indults Indusia Indwell Indwelt
Inearth Inedita Ineptly Inertia Inertly
Inexact Infalls Infancy Infanta Infante
Infants Infarct Infares Infauna Infects
Infeoff Inferno Infests Infidel Infield
Infight Infirms Infixed Infixes Inflame
Inflate Inflect Inflict Inflows Infolds
Informs Infract Infused Infuser Infuses
Ingates Ingenue Ingesta Ingests Ingoing
Ingoted Ingraft Ingrain Ingrate Ingress
Ingroup Ingrown Ingulfs Inhabit Inhaled
Inhaler Inhales Inhauls Inhered Inheres
Inherit Inhibin Inhibit Inhuman Inhumed
Inhumer Inhumes Initial Injects Injured
Injurer Injures Inkblot Inkhorn Inkiest
Inkless Inklike Inkling Inkpots Inkwell
Inkwood Inlaced Inlaces Inlands Inlayer
Inliers Inlying Inmates Innages Innards
Innerly Innerve Innings Innless Inocula
Inosine Inosite Inphase Inpours Inquest
Inquiet Inquire Inquiry Inroads Insaner
Inscape Insculp Inseams Insects Inserts
Inshore Insider Insides Insight Insigne
Insipid Insists Insnare Insofar Insoles
Insouls Inspans Inspect Inspire Install
Instals Instant Instars Instate Instead
Insteps Instill Instils Insular Insulin
Insults Insured Insurer Insures Inswept
Intagli Intakes Integer Intends Intense
Intents Interim Interne Interns Inthral
Intimae Intimal Intimas Intines Intitle
Intombs Intoned Intoner Intones Intorts
Intrant Intreat Introfy Introit Introns
Intrude Intrust Intuits Inturns Intwine
Intwist Inulase Inulins Inuring Inurned
Inutile Invaded Invader Invades Invalid
Inveigh Invents Inverse Inverts Invests
Invital Invited Invitee Inviter Invites
Invoice Invoked Invoker Invokes Involve
Inwalls Inwards Inweave Inwinds Inwound

6 letter words starting with IN

So many words start with the letter 'in', but here are only a few examples of 6-letter words.

Inarms Inborn Inbred Incage Incant
Incase Incent Incept Incest Inched
Incher Inches Incise Incite Inclip
Incogs Income Incony Incubi Incult
Incurs Incuse Indaba Indeed Indene
Indent Indict Indies Indign Indigo
Indite Indium Indole Indols Indoor
Indows Indris Induce Induct Indued
Indues Indult Inerts Infall Infamy
Infant Infare Infect Infers Infest
Infill Infirm Inflow Influx Infold
Inform Infuse Ingate Ingest Ingles
Ingots Ingulf Inhale Inhaul Inhere
Inhume Inions Inject Injure Injury
Inkers Inkier Inking Inkjet Inkles
Inkpot Inlace Inlaid Inland Inlays
Inlets Inlier Inmate Inmesh Inmost
Innage Innate Inners Inning Inpour
Inputs Inroad Inruns Inrush Insane
Inseam Insect Insert Insets Inside
Insist Insole Insoul Inspan Instal
Instar Instep Instil Insult Insure
Intact Intake Intend Intent Intern
Inters Intima Intime Intine Intomb
Intone Intort Intown Intron Intros
Intuit Inturn Inulin Inured Inures
Inurns Invade Invars Invent Invert
Invest Invite Invoke Inwall Inward

5 letter words that start with IN

These are some interesting5-letter words that start with the letters "IN".

Inbye Incog Incur Incus Index
Indie Indol Indow Indri Indue
Inept Inert Infer Infix Infos
Infra Ingle Ingot Inion Inked
Inker Inkle Inlay Inlet Inned
Inner Input Inrun Inset Inter
Intis Intro Inure Inurn Invar

4 letter words with IN

There is an endless supply of 4-letter words that start with the letters "IN". Here are a few examples:

Inby Inch Info Inia Inks
Inky Inly Inns Inro Inti

3 letter words with IN

The letters IN are present in many 3-letter words, like:

Ink Ins Ins

2 letter words that start with IN

Here is the only example for 2-letter words:


Definitions of words starting with IN

IN is a prefix that has many different uses. It can be used to indicate Negation, as in the word "incomplete." It can also be used to describe something that is within a given space or area, as in the word "inside." Additionally, IN can be used to describe a relationship between two people or things, as in the word "interaction." Finally, it can be used to indicate a direction or motion, as in the words "input" and "into." As you can see, the prefix IN has a wide range of uses. By understanding how it is used in different contexts, you can expand your vocabulary and better communicate with others.

How to use IN in scoring words for extra points in scrabble

The game of Scrabble is all about strategy- and one of the best ways to score extra points is by using the letter "IN." Here are some tips on how to make the most of this letter. First, remember that "IN" can be used as both a noun and a verb. For example, you could play "INCENSE" for 68 points, or "INSULT" for 64 points. Secondly, try to use "IN" at the beginning or end of a word for maximum impact. For instance, the word "INFANT" is worth 9 points more than "ANTIFAN." Finally, don't forget that "IN" can also be used as a prefix or suffix. For example, the word " reINFORCE" is worth 12 points more than just "FORCE." By keeping these strategies in mind, you'll be able to rack up the points next time you play Scrabble!

Other interesting facts about words starting with IN

According to Merriam-Webster, there are over 800 English words that start with the prefix "in-". This makes "in-" one of the most common prefixes in the English language. The majority of these words have Latin or Greek roots, and many of them are still used in scientific and technical contexts. However, there are also a number of everyday words that begin with "in-", such as "insane", "insect", and "invoice". Interestingly, the prefix "in-" can also have a negative connotation, as in the words "inness", "infamous", and "intolerant". Whether positive or negative, it's clear that the prefix "in-" is a versatile and essential part of the English language.

Practice makes difference - Start playing today!

Board games like scrabble are popular because they're a fun way to spend time while playing scrabble and words with friends. But if you're serious about winning, it takes more than just luck. A winning strategy is important, and part of that is knowing which words to play. Words that start with IN are a good choice because they can be used to form other words, create bonus points, and even block your opponents. But knowing which words to play is only half the battle. The other half is practice. By honing your skills and learning from your mistakes, you can vastly improve your chances of winning scrabble - or any other board game. So if you're up for the challenge, remember: practice makes perfect.


Are you feeling inspired to start playing Scrabble today? We hope so! The best way to get better at any game is to practice, and we’ve given you all the tools you need to get started. Remember that the more words you learn, the more points you can score. So dive in and start practicing with some of the most interesting words starting with IN. And who knows – maybe you’ll be able to beat us one day!

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