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Scrabble Words Containing II: Best To Score Big

Last Updated on June 29, 2019 
words containing II

If you're a fan of word games like Scrabble and Words with Friends, chances are you're always on the lookout for words that will give you the highest point value possible, and words that contain “ii” are no exception in giving you a sure win. After all, who doesn't want to dominate their opponents and come out victorious? While there are definitely a few strategies you can employ to rack up those points, one of the simplest (and perhaps most fun) is to simply use words that contain a lot of the same letters. And what letter combo is better for this than II?

In Scrabble, the letter 'I' is worth 1 point. The letter I can be used to form words on its own, or as a part of other words. One interesting fact about the letter 'I' is that it is the most commonly used word in the English language. So here we'll take a look at some of these words and let you see how you can use them in gameplay.

What are some words containing "ii"?

To help you get started, we've compiled a list of some of the most common words containing II. So break out your scrabble board and get ready to start racking up those points!

9 letter words with II

Aquariist Fasciitis Filariids Leylandii Octonarii
Reduviids Safariing Saturniid Sestertii Shiitakes
Tholeiite Zombiisms

8 letter words that contain II

Alibiing Anobiids Arctiids Braaiing Coniines
Dupondii Filariid Hikoiing Hongiing Perradii
Reduviid Retiarii Sartorii Sextarii Shiitake
Stapedii Sylviine Trapezii Wongiing Zombiism

7 letter words containing II

Anobiid Arctiid Bacchii Breiing Coniine
Denarii Dochmii Gobiids Mihiing Nauplii
Obiisms Senarii Skiings Splenii Taxiing

6 letter words with two I's

  • Aaliis
  • Skiing
  • Congii
  • Teiids
  • Gobiid
  • Obiing
  • Obiism

5 letter words that contain II

  • Aalii
  • Piing
  • Genii
  • Radii
  • Medii
  • Teiid
  • Modii
  • Torii
  • Obiit

How do you spell words that contain these letters?

Words that contain these letters can be tricky to spell. However, there are some guidelines that can help. First, words with "ii" in them are usually pronounced with a long "i" sound, as in kite or bike. Second, words with ii are often spelled with a y after the "i", as in shy or my. Finally, words with "ii" may also be spelled with a final "e", as in bake or like. While there are some exceptions to these rules, they can generally be helpful when trying to spell words that contain ii.

Why scrabble words that contain “ii” are important? 

Because they’re non-popular. Knowing and playing with an "ii" word can instantly change the entire course of the game for you. We still can’t forget our fellow crew used to call us the intellectual cheaters for how we always use "ii" words. Of course, these words turn the table and make you seem that your dictionary and intellect are on the next level. And it’ll be because once you know these words, you want to know what that means, and it’ll help you increase your knowledge too. 

So, with the kits containing ii, you’ll have. 

  • Better knowledge
  • A winning side
  • Increased intellectual level
  • More edge in winning under complex situations 

Are there any Scrabble tips or tricks that can help you win more games?

According to Merriam-Webster, the official dictionary of Scrabble, words that contain the letters "J," "Q," "X," or "Z" are worth a lot of points. So, if you can play one of those words, you're likely to rack up some serious points. Another tip is to try to play words that cover multiple Triple Word Score squares. Not only will you get a lot of points for the word itself, but you'll also get a huge point bonus for using all three Triple Word Score squares. Finally, try to avoid using your letters to make words that only have a couple of points. It may be tempting to play a word like "be" or "to" when you're in a bind, but those words aren't worth very many points. If you can hold out for a better opportunity, you'll be glad you did. By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to becoming a Scrabble champion.

Final Words

There are many words that contain the letter combination "ii". These words can be used in everyday conversation as well as in scrabble. Knowing these words can give you an advantage in both situations. These words will always give you an edge while you’re stuck in scrabble, and who knows that one piece stopping you from winning the letter that contains ii. So, here you can take 100% benefits of the knowledge we provided, and let us know which is your favorite letter having two “ii's”. Until then, GOOD LUCK.

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