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Words Ending in X To Score High In Scrabble Games

Last Updated on June 29, 2019 

I have good news for all you Scrabble enthusiasts out there - there are plenty of words ending in x that will help you score big points in your next game! By knowing these words and incorporating them into your playing strategy, you'll be able to shut down your opponents and come out on top. So what are you waiting for? Start studying up on these x-cellent words today!

List of words that end with X

9 letter words ending in X

Aboideaux Aboiteaux Antihelix Bisectrix Decomplex
Dictatrix Directrix Disclimax Dorsiflex Earthflax
Executrix Fellatrix Flambeaux Gogglebox Gravadlax
Heterodox Homoeobox Letterbox Mediatrix Metroplex
Multiplex Neocortex Pepperbox Piscatrix Pompholyx
Prehallux Prepollex Priedieux Prothorax Rattlebox
Religieux Retroflex Shadowbox Spondulix Strongbox
Subclimax Subcortex Submatrix Superflux Testatrix
Tinderbox Tuckerbox Unperplex

8 letter words ending in X

Aftertax Anthelix Appendix Aviatrix Bandeaux
Batteaux Berceaux Biconvex Bobbysox Bordeaux
Brainbox Breadbox Camaieux Carnifex Chapeaux
Chateaux Cicatrix Cineplex Clackbox Clangbox
Coturnix Couteaux Creatrix Crucifix Curatrix
Curtalax Cybersex Disannex Earthwax Econobox
Epicalyx Fabliaux Fourplex Genetrix Genitrix
Giambeux Haruspex Heretrix Heritrix Homeobox
Horsebox Horsepox Intermix Interrex Intersex
Jambeaux Janitrix Loosebox Lunchbox Manteaux
Matchbox Megaplex Microlux Millilux Mirepoix
Morceaux Nouveaux Octuplex Opopanax Orthodox
Paintbox Parallax Phorminx Plateaux Ponceaux
Pontifex Precieux Quadplex Quincunx Rondeaux
Rouleaux Sardonyx Saucebox Scrumpox Smallpox
Snuffbox Soundbox Spinifex Subindex Superfix
Supermax Supersex Supertax Sweatbox Swinepox
Tableaux Toadflax Tonneaux Tractrix Transfix
Trumeaux Undertax Videotex Watchbox Waterpox

7 letter words ending in X

Abrasax Antefix Anthrax Antisex Antitax
Apoplex Apteryx Aruspex Bandbox Bateaux
Beatbox Beeswax Boombox Bostryx Broadax
Bureaux Cadeaux Carapax Cashbox Celotex
Chamoix Choenix Coalbox Coannex Complex
Conflux Coteaux Deindex Distrix Editrix
Equinox Farebox Feedbox Firebox Flummox
Fowlpox Funplex Gateaux Gearbox Gravlax
Hellbox Homosex Humidex Jambeux Jukebox
Kickbox Kleenex Lockbox Mailbox Milieux
Minimax Narthex Oratrix Outjinx Overlax
Overmix Overtax Packwax Panchax Paradox
Pemphix Perplex Perspex Phalanx Pharynx
Phoenix Pillbox Postbox Postfix Posttax
Princox Reaffix Reannex Rectrix Reindex
Reseaux Salpinx Saltbox Sandbox Sealwax
Seedbox Shoebox Showbox Simplex Soapbox
Sonovox Spandex Talkbox Tectrix Telefax
Teletex Toolbox Tortrix Treewax Triplex
Tubifex Vaudoux Victrix Vitraux Woadwax
Woodbox Woodwax Workbox

6 letter words ending in X

Adieux Afflux Auspex Banjax Bembex
Bembix Biflex Bijoux Bollix Bollox
Bombax Bombyx Boyaux Carfax Carfox
Caudex Cervix Chenix Climax Coccyx
Commix Confix Convex Cortex Cowpox
Deflex Dentex Diplex Dogfox Duplex
Earwax Efflux Forfex Fornix Frutex
Hallux Handax Hatbox Haybox Hotbox
Icebox Imbrex Implex Influx Isolex
Jawbox Larnax Larynx Lummox Magnox
Mastix Matrix Meninx Muskox Nontax
Orifex Outbox Outfox Paxwax Pegbox
Phenix Pickax Poleax Pollex Prefix
Premix Pretax Prolix Reflex Reflux
Scolex Silvex Skybox Smilax Spadix
Sphinx Sphynx Storax Styrax Subfix
Suffix Suplex Surtax Syntax Syrinx
Teabox Tettix Thorax Tutrix Unisex
Vernix Vertex Volvox Vortex

5 letter words ending in X

Addax Admix Affix Annex Beaux
Bemix Bolix Borax Calix Calyx
Carex Choux Cimex Codex Comix
Culex Cylix Desex Detox Dewax
Embox Enfix Fedex Forex Galax
Hapax Helix Hyrax Immix Index
Infix Kylix Latex Limax Linux
Lurex Malax Mirex Murex Panax
Phlox Podex Pyrex Radix Redox
Redux Refix Relax Remex Remix
Retax Rewax Salix Silex Sorex
Telex Unbox Unfix Unmix Unsex
Untax Varix Vibex Vitex Xerox

4 letter words ending in X

Apex Brux Calx Coax Crux
Doux Eaux Faix Falx Faux
Flax Flex Flix Flux Grex
Hoax Ibex Ilex Jeux Jinx
Jynx Lanx Lynx Minx Onyx
Oryx Plex Prex Roux Ulex

3 letter words ending in X

Box Cox Dex Dux Fax
Fix Fox Gox Hex Hox
Kex Lax Lex Lox Lux
Max Mix Mux Nix Nox
Pax Pix Pox Pyx Rax
Rex Sax Sex Six Sox
Tax Tex Tix Tux Vex
Vox Wax Wex Wox Yex
Zax Zex

2 letter words ending in X

Ox Ax Ex

How to use words ending with X to score big points in your next game

If you're looking for an edge in your next game of Scrabble, words ending in X might just give you the boost you need. While there aren't as many words ending in X as there are words ending in other letters, there are still plenty of options to choose from. Here are some tips on how to use words ending in X to your advantage:

- Look for words that have a high point value. There are a few words that end in X that are worth a lot of points, so if you can play one of those, you'll be in good shape.

- Use words that are hard to pluralize. Because words ending in X are often difficult to pluralize, your opponents may have a hard time coming up with alternative forms of the word. This can give you a big advantage.

- Play words that have multiple meanings. There are many words that end in X that have more than one meaning. This can be helpful because it gives your opponents more opportunities to miss the word entirely.

By following these tips, you can give yourself a leg up in your next game of Scrabble. Who knows, maybe even a win!

Experiment with different words ending in x to find the ones that work best for you

There are a lot of words in the English language that end in the letter x. For example, words like box, fox, and rox. But what words work best for you? Do you prefer words that are short and snappy, or do you prefer words that are longer and more complex? Perhaps you like words that have multiple meanings, or words that are more specific to a certain topic. Whatever your preferences, it's worth experimenting with different words ending in x to see which ones work best for you. Who knows, you might just find your new favorite word!

Practice makes perfect - Start playing today!

Scrabble is a game that is all about words. The object of the game is to score points by making words on the scrabble board. There are many strategies that can be used to score points, but one of the best ways to score big is to play words that end in X. This is because words that end in X are worth double the points of a normal word. As a result, if you can play a word that ends in X, you are likely to score a lot of points. So, if you want to score big in scrabble, start practicing words that end in X today.


So, if you want to score big in scrabble, start practicing words that end in X today. Not only are they worth double the points of a normal word, but they can also give you an edge over your opponents. With a little bit of practice, you'll be able to dominate your next game!

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